XP 900 & XP 1000 Conversion Information

Our "Big 3" (engine cradle, billet Apex mounts and hardware, stainless header & loaded Team Tied secondary for NA set up) are the starting point to your Apex  conversion project to mount the engine, have perfect belt alignment with no deflection and a performance exhaust system. Purchase other components as you go, or build them yourself. It's your project, we just want to help you build it and have it be reliable.

"BIG 3 Price" = $3250 plus shipping

Complete Kits Available (engine cradle, billet Apex mounts and all engine mounting hardware, stainless header, muffler and v band coupler, loaded Team Tied secondary for NA set up,drive belt, air box (XP 900 only), plenum, silicone intake boots and stainless clamps, upper & lower shock relocation plates, complete apex primary spring and adjustable weight kit, plumbing and installation instructions)

The installer must be familiar with complete vehicle disassembly and assembly and capable of extending the Yamaha wiring platform to fit the RZR.  

Custom tig welded stainless header with a one piece flange and v band coupler.

High flow stainless muffler set up for installation in factory XP 900 location.

All complete exhaust systems are set up with O2 bungs for air fuel tuning! 

Conversion Kit Components


Complete air-box and intake system including all clamps silicone elbows, UNI filters, manifold, pipe, and fittings to fit where stock RZR resonator is mounted. 

Ask us about running our air box without intake on any XP900 to eliminate resonator and discard stock paper filter system.

Complete engine cradle kit. (powder coated cradle, solid press in engine mounts, alignment washers, all mounting hardware and spacers) 

Note: Our products were tested using XP 900 and XP1000 "Billet Heavy Duty" motor mounts. Using factory rubber mounts is not recommended!

All order forms must include a "Disclaimer and Release of Liability". No orders will be processed until the "Disclaimer and Release of Liability" are acknowledged, signed and faxed mailed or emailed to Arizona Sand Sleds.


 Lake Havasu AZ 86406

AZ Sand Sleds Team Tied secondary custom set up for this particular RZR conversion kit. Comes with helix, spring clutched for a naturally aspirated APEX at 500' elevation. Other options available at your request.

We will also advise on the factory Yamaha Apex primary clutch set up to make your build as cost effective as possible.